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Glycolic Acid

Product performance and Application

There are many kinds of the first generation of fruit acids, including glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, etc., mainly represented by glycolic acid, extracted from sugarcane, with a molecular weight of 76, which is the smallest molecular weight of fruit acid with excellent affinity for the skin, and is the easiest to penetrate into the skin to achieve significant maintenance effect.

One of the main functions of Glycolic acid is to accelerate the exfoliation of old and waste keratinocytes, promote the metabolism of epithelial cells, and promote skin renewal. Therefore, it can improve excessive keratinization, rough darkening, black spots, and pigmentation or abnormality after inflammation, so as to make skin smooth and bright. At the same time, because glycolic acid can also make the kerato embolism around the pores easy to fall off, and unblock the hair follicle tube, effectively prevent the pores from blocking, so it is a very good choice for oily skin and people who want to improve the symptoms of acne, acne, pore coarseness, etc., and it is also the main component used by the fruit acid skin changing solution. In terms of improving aging skin, glycolic acid can stimulate the proliferation and rearrangement of hyaluronic acid, acid mucopolysaccharide, collagen and elastic fiber, making skin firm and elastic, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, due to the increase of hyaluronic acid, the water retention capacity of the skin is also improved, which can solve the problem of dry skin. 

Although the effect of glycolic acid is fast and effective, it is easy to cause the increase of sunburn cells in the skin, so it must be used with sunscreen products. In 1997, the FDA of the United States required manufacturers of fruit acid products containing glycolic acid to add sun protection warnings, and specified that the pH value of fruit acid products on the shelves should be higher than 3.5, the concentration should be lower than 10%, the concentration of fruit acid products used by professional beauticians should be lower than 30%, and those higher than 30% should only be used by doctors.

Glycolic acid has the smallest molecule and most commonly used as high-quality fruit acid. It has significant whitening and activating effect, can promote cell metabolism, remove dead skin and dissolve cutin; it can very well soften the skin, make the skin smooth, delicate, elastic and glossy; it can be used as the synergist of freckle, wrinkle and acne products, and promote and increase the efficiency of products.

Remove pimples 
Remove blackheads acne it 
Reduce black, yellow and dark skin and make it bright. 
Decrease spots and remove fine lines to change skin texture.

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-GA
INCI name: Glycolic Acid
CAS: 7365-45-9
Appearance: White crystalline powder

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