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Shaanxi Zebrago Industrial Co, . Ltd. located in Shaanxi, China, is a comprehensive company focusing on plant extracts products and services, the company is mainly engaged in biomedicine, functional food, beverages and other business and services.

Through technological innovation, Market Research and strict pursuit of quality, the company has been awarded the recognition of high-tech enterprises in Shaanxi Province for many years. It is a privately-run scientific and technological enterprise in Shaanxi Province and a private scientific and technological enterprise in Xi′an City. It has been awarded a contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise in Xi′an City and has an international quality system of ISO 9001. Certification, national QS production license. The company also has a number of national invention patents, through the national record of over 100 kinds of products.

The processing plant of Zebrago Industrial Co, . Ltd. Covers an area of 200 mu. The whole plant is constructed according to GMP requirements, including research and development, production, sterilization, purification and other professional venues.

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